Breezy Day's Band:
Lyal Michel & Will Sherwin play unison guitars sharing a single JC120 channel modified for increased intermodulation. and Yasi Perera unmatched kickdrums, snare and 4 cymbals w/o stands (separated hihat tops and bottoms), and occasionally electronics, but these remain characteristically never-committed-to adjuncts, in doing a band about rock bands.

The song bodies are received melodies of tone-complexes referred to the specifics of guitar dynamics in standard tuning, but are arrayed melodically away from typical melody-formations of standard tuning. Give priority to received information, through the imagination colored and fed by happenings on standard-tuning guitars. tab --

Rubios: partly imaginary combo,
to shed light on,
Lyal and Will playing matching many-many-stringed mini-guitars, Yasi singing into Rubio's cola cup microphone and some moving bass resonators. Imagining Breezy Day's Band in other circumstances.

Harp-music, zither-music, like people say:

In postulating a vision of Breezy Day's as zither music. the toy guitars are strung with so many strings that they function as a single 'ribbon' with a width of pitches. clear rhythmic notation of informal 'pitch' material based on physical registration of pitch identity. height on a 2 line staff indicates wich finger to barre in the current hand position. angled beams refer to sliding to new hand positions.