Park Detail's Band:
In a subcontinent given over to plants and plant consciousness some people wander, to feel what they can and they occasionally meet in guest-houses, laid out for this purpose, to communicate through music the speeds and movements they have found.

We play the closest approach to their music that we can. We play 'Park Detail's Cover Band', method acting, I am pretending I am at the rough floor of the guest house, sitting at a fallen piano in whose constellation of tones I can luckily find the movements to embrace my one night companion in the speed of trees.

I am pretending I am sitting at the house drum kit, tuned here and there by past visitors in their expressions of the spatial calm. The trees grow up like sweat, drinking up water and sweating out shapes, rising smoke, which could be the most beautifully viewed from any vantage. Going to the ocean to watch the real news, sitting in the tree shadows to see what the wind brings from everywhere.

It is said travelers who sleep under the same tree, or stop to share water, will be friends in the next life. tab-- PD'B

Chris Cohen(curtains, cryptacize, deerhoof) - DRUMS
Yasi Perera - PIANO, BASS.
we toured, with CZ1 in place of piano, and recovered backwards-piano-sounds from the sound-field (what I'd been hearing inside the piano). now we attempt switch to performing PD'B sound world using lock groove records.
double 7" of lock grooves coming out this year! --