Videos Tapes SP:
William Sabiston and Yasi Perera watch VHS tapes while dubbing them through 'fidelity'-processors, that is video signal processors which also process conventional notions of fidelity.

Respect: fixed processing for the duration of the vhs tapes, respecting the information on the original tapes, while having a sensory definition of what that information is: not a superficial definition of signal fidelity measured in traditional mathematic-technical-theoretic terms (s/n, linearity, phase smear, &c...), but fidelity defined as the passage of the sensory-emotional valences in the original.
Postulates a different viewership: given two copies of a tape, one with greater fidelity in a theoretically mediated technical sense, the other with some other fidelity, made 'by hand', we can't predict which would be selected as more similar to the original by a cat or dog, i.e. a friendly experiencer of different sensory apparatus, or more to the point a viewer of different cultural apparatus.

Another respect is present in that we often choose rare video materials to process, or fake that patina, reaching for the feeling of tapes.

QUATERNION DOWNLOADS to follow those, once we have established, here, a beginning of "periodic table of the videos" in stills.