if windchimes made techno kick drums and hi-hats, and the wind rattled in ways we know from our special plates at home gave us again lost memories by its rhythm how our steps on the stairs our cat knows us and jumps up

techno can make a space of itself, a room with soft borders in which fingers can tickle each other sparkling lovingly. at best condense the air humid waves

we breathe at best totally remove consequence of ecstatic moving the time it takes for the body music patterns to flow over us and we drop into a new space, is like the time it takes when looking up at the layers of tree branches all moving in their own ways, but somehow synchronized in an always just beyond simple way to have the bright flashes through the canopy talk to us slowly about itself and ourself together.

The sound is coming from a short span of moments and a circumscribed site. Changing. Over what distance? More than a day feels uncomfortable; more than two days without a meal or a shower together feels unnecessarily deriving. Further than one room begins to feel far, further than one set of winds along one coast isn't yet.

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Amanda Eicher - Snare Drum (played with near-dodecahedral pyrites, grain stalks) and microphonic electronic kick drum
Yasi Perera - guitar