THINKING OF Phillip K. Dick's recurrent dreams revealing, nap-by-nap, more specifics on a book to find: "[this time] I caught sight of the copyright date either 1966 or 1968 and another look at the typestyle"

"a large blue hardback book-- very large and long [...] the final word of the title being "Grove" and a word before it starting with a 'B' which could be blooming or budding or something." (Exegesis)

  and then IMAGINING Samuel R. Delany using this sort of revelation to write his books: what they look like, how much they weigh, a sense that an event narrated 2/3rds of the way through the book is made meaningful by a parallel event narrated roughly in the middle of the book, or just before.
5 or 40 facts like that, wherever they come from, seems like they'd be enough to imply the whole book. or a whole business

  "THE THOUGHTS which I publish in what follows are the precipitate of philosophical investigations which have occupied me for the last sixteen years. They concern many subjects: the concepts of meaning, of understanding, of a proposition, of logic, the foundations of mathematics, states of consciousness, and other things. I have written down all these thoughts as remarks, short paragraphs, of which there is sometimes a fairly long chain about the same subject, while I sometimes make a sudden change, jumping from one topic to another. It was my intention at first to bring all this together in a book whose form I pictured differently at different times. But the essential thing was that the thoughts should proceed from one subject to another in a natural order and without breaks.
  After several unsuccessful attempts to weld my results together into such a whole, I realized that I should never succeed. The best that I could write would never be more than philosophical remarks; my thoughts were soon crippled if I tried to force them on in any single direction against their natural inclination. And this was, of course, connected with the very nature of the investigation. For this compels us to travel over a wide field of thought criss-cross in every direction. The philosophical remarks in this book are, as it were, a number of sketches of landscapes which were made in the course of these long and involved journeyings.
  The same or almost the same points were always being approached afresh from different directions, and new sketches made. Very many of these were badly drawn or uncharacteristic, marked by all the defects of a weak draughtsman. And when they were rejected a number of tolerable ones were left, which now had to be arranged and sometimes cut down, so that if you looked at them you could get a picture of the landscape. Thus this book is really only an album."

(Wittgenstein's preface to his PI)

HERE, we thought, having posited a company as a structure in which to discover reality, a BLOG like form could persist in presenting news. Honesty, Openness & Communication being radically necessary, but not necessarily easy: so, investigation assumes its communal character.

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